A simple, quick and cheap setup for filming WordCamp videos

I have been attending WordCamps for a long time now. My first was back in 2009 for WordCamp UK in Cardiff, my most recent WordCamp Manchester 2018. More recently there has been the trend of filming the talks and these are then placed on the WordPress.tv website.

Filming talks is a great idea and allows attendees to see videos from the alternative tracks available as well as allowing people who could not attend the event to view the talks. However recently it seems to be taking a long time to get things onto WordPress.tv. With that in mind, I set about trying to find a quicker solution that still produced a good quality video and did not cost the earth in terms of hardware and post-production time.

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Talk: From local to staging to live

After starting my speaking career in April at WordCamp Sheffield and doing talks at WordCamp Manchester and WordCamp Bournemouth I was kindly invited to speak at WordPress London by Ngaire Ackerley.

Having only been to London a few times in my entire life it was nice to be invited down and I decided to make it an overnight stay, to ease the journey pain!

The meet up was great with some really good WordPress folks taking part. My slides for my presentation titled Local to Staging to Live – Using Version Control and Deployment Tools are below:

View the slides

The video of the talk, should you wish to watch this is below:

Photo credit: http://www.meetup.com/London-WordPress/photos/24596732/#411273082

DVD Editing Tool – myDVDEdit

For a while now I have used a DVD recorder to record things off the TV, mainly before the invention of Sky+ and the like. However one problem that I noticed was that the DVD recorders (and I did try more than one) would never save the aspect ratio of the recording correctly. Playback on the DVD recorder was always fine but another play and it looked either stretched or squashed. Then I found the solution, a little Mac App called myDVDEdit.

Once you have a copy of the DVD from the recorder (I just copy and paste the two folders from the DVD to my local machine), this App allows you to modify the DVD info file which contains all of the information about the DVD including the aspect ratio. The App allows you to change the aspect ratio of the menus and the main video which when I checked was always incorrectly set to 4:3 rather than 16:9 which was the native aspect ratio of the program as it was transmitted.

You can download myDVDEdit and read more about it here.