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JobRoller Theme Broadbean Add-on WordPress Plugin

Over the last 2 years I have been building solutions to integrate Broadbean (and more recently LogicMelon) with WordPress websites. Starting with the stand-alone WP Broadbean plugin I have then started to provide integration solutions for some of the more popular job board plugins and themes. Continuing with this I have now launched, available for […]

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Broadbean Integration with WP Job Manager

For past couple of years I have worked on a plugin called WP Broadbean. This plugin integrates Broadbean‘s job Adcourier posting service with your WordPress site, allowing jobs posting through Broadbean to delivered to your site. While this plugin is working well, I have had multiple enquiries about integrating Broadbean job posting with the popular […]

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WP Broadbean Plugin Updates

In early 2014 I launched the first beta version of the WP Broadbean WordPress plugin. This is a plugin to integrate Broadbean Adcourier job postings with a WordPress website. The plugin has evolved and changed since then and therefore lets take a look at some of the plugins features. Lets outline some of the new features […]

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Introducing WP Broadbean

The WP Broadbean plugin has now been released on… A while ago I wrote about integrating Broadbean with WordPress. This has proved to be a very popular post on this blog and has resulted in a number of enquiries with several people requesting assistance in this very task. With this in mind I have […]

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Integrating BroadBean Job Posting with WordPress

A few months ago one of our biggest clients came along with a request to integrate the BroadBean Job posting solution into their website. Of course I had built the recruitment website using WordPress in order to for them to post jobs to their site and enable them to recruit people to specific jobs etc. As part of the build it was important that as well as being able to post jobs to the site using the normal WordPress way (writing posts etc) they wanted to be able to use external sources to post to their site too, in this case Broadbean. Here is how I went about this.

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