Being a WordPress developer means that over the course of the last 3 – 4 years I have built a number of plugins for various different reasons. Most of the time I need a particular piece of functionality on a client build and make a plugin for it.

Some of these plugins I can release to the open source WordPress community. Below are a list of the current public, open source plugins that I have developed. Click on the view button to find our more about them.

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WP Broadbean v2.2.2

WP Broadbean is a plugin allowing jobs added to Broadbean to show in your WordPress site.

Downloaded: 3889 times.

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Admin Bar User Switching v1.1.1

Extends the excellent User Switching plugin by John Blackbourn by adding a User Switching to the admin bar for quick and easy user switching.

Downloaded: 12014 times.

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WP Post Type Meta v1.0

Adds a sub menu for custom post types allowing the addition of a post type description and via extensibility other meta fields.

Downloaded: 667 times.

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WP Front End Profile v0.2.2

WP Front End Profile allows users to edit their profile without going into the dashboard to do so.

Downloaded: 4726 times.

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Simple Widget Classes v0.3

Easily add simple custom classes to any widget in a sidebar. Great for custom styling.

Downloaded: 1585 times.

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WP Basis v1.6.4

WP Basis is a WordPress plugin that speeds up your WordPress development process by providing functions we add to every site.

Downloaded: 815 times.

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Whistles Utilities v0.1

Whistles Utilities is an addon for the Whistles plugin from Justin Tadlock adding an additional widget and menu changes.

Downloaded: 583 times.

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