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Plugin Development on the Relative Paths Podcast

A few days ago I recorded a podcast with Ben and Mark from Relative Paths. We chatted about WordPress plugin development, adding plugin to Plugins as well as plugin maintenance and support. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to Ben and Mark about WordPress – have a listen below. Listen to more Relative Paths podcasts on […]

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Admin Customisations for a 1-Page WordPress Site

Recently I was tasked with creating a fairly straight forward 1 page website in WordPress. It was one of those sites with the different sections and the main navigation scrolls you down to the correct section. The trouble was that for such as a simple website the admin experience was very complicated. Therefore I set […]

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Alter The WordPress Tag Cloud Widget Output

WordPress provides a handy little widget where you can add your sites tags to a widgetised area and then are shown a tag cloud type format. However the output of this tag cloud cannot be controlled, like it can with the wp_tag_cloud() function. Having wanted to change the output I set about trying to achieve […]

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A New Career Chapter

Today I quit my job working as a Secondary School teacher in a Lancashire high school. The job was well paid, with a good pension and a good salary. I am leaving to work as a freelance WordPress developer and consultant with no guaranteed salary or benefits. Why am I doing this I wondered? I […]

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A Review of 2013

Wow, 2013 has been a memorable year for me in terms of my freelance career. I really feel that I have been able to take a step forward in terms of my knowledge and the sites that I have be privileged to work on. As is always the case I take the time to review […]

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New Site for Me!

After a long time with no site at all really I have finally got round to putting something together to put up here in on the web. The content is much the same (at the moment) as the old site, however I plan to develop this over the coming weeks, with new posts and a […]

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Re-Installing Mac OS X Mountain Lion for Resale

I have recently sold my iMac on eBay. I have a MacBook Air and was not fully convinced when I purchased it that it would be good enough for a main machine. How wrong was I, which left me not really needing my iMac hence the reason for the sale. Therefore I needed to wipe […]

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DVD Editing Tool – myDVDEdit

For a while now I have used a DVD recorder to record things off the TV, mainly before the invention of Sky+ and the like. However one problem that I noticed was that the DVD recorders (and I did try more than one) would never save the aspect ratio of the recording correctly. Playback on […]

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Reinstalling Mac OX 10.7 Lion

My 27″ iMac upon which I work on for all my development work is an amazing computer. I purchased my in spring 2011 and it was just over a year old. Most computers, particularly PCs based on the Windows operating system, need a rebuild from now and again to remove any ‘rubbish’ and clutter that […]

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Transferring a Domain Away from

Recently I had the task of moving a .com domain away from NameCheap (a domain registrar) over to a 123-reg account that I was much more familiar with and would be able to help out the client. The process, although not particularly difficult, does involve quite a few steps and therefore I thought I would share how I managed to transfer a .com domain away from NameCheap.

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