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Over the last 2 years I have been building solutions to integrate Broadbean (and more recently LogicMelon) with WordPress websites. Starting with the stand-alone WP Broadbean plugin I have then started to provide integration solutions for some of the more popular job board plugins and themes. Continuing with this I have now launched, available for sale, my JobRoller Broadbean Add-on plugin for WordPress, to integrate WordPress sites running the JobRoller theme with Broadbean or LogicMelon.

The JobRoller theme is a WordPress theme built by the team at AppThemes. They concentrate in “designing and developing  professional WordPress applications”. The JobRoller theme is an example of one of these applications that transforms your WordPress install into a fully functioning job board. In fact it is great for the sorts of sites that would require the integration of a multi-job posting solution such as Broadbean or LogicMelon.

Introducing the JobRoller Broadbean Add-on

Although it has Broadbean in the name, this plugin would equally work with LogicMelon as well. The plugin provides a series of options, such as setting a feed username and password, and provides an end-point for your site. This means that when job data is sent to your site (in an XML format) the plugin takes that job data and turns it into a Job Listing with the JobRoller theme.

The JobRoller Broadbean Add-on settings, added as a new tab in the JobRoller integration settings.
The JobRoller Broadbean Add-on settings, added as a new tab in the JobRoller integration settings.

The plugin also handles sending any applications that are made on your website back to the sender of the job. This means that the applications made on the WordPress website can be tracked with applications from other sources to which the job was sent, from within the system where the job was written (Broadbean or LogicMelon).


The plugin by default is built to work with a vanilla copy of the JobRoller theme. However if you have customised this theme with a child theme, perhaps adding additional fields to the Job Listings to store additional meta information with each job, you can take advantage of the extensible features of this plugin, allowing them to be integrated.

The plugin has many extensible features that will allow developers to make customisations, additions and edits to make the plugin work well for your install of JobRoller, without changing the plugin code itself.

Pricing and Licensing

Plugin purchases are licensed for 12 months. There are 2 licenses available, wither single site or multisite. A single site license allows you to receives plugin updates and support for 1 site for 12 months. A multisite license allows you the same on an unlimited number of sites.

You can purchase the plugin (add-on) from my software store for either £99.99 (single site) or £199.99 (multisite).

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