Altering Registered Post Type Args

Today I was working on a project where I needed to change how a post type had been registered. The post type in question was setting public to false, so the post type was not a public post type. However I was utilising the post type somewhere else and needed to change this. Here is how I went about it.

Obviously when doing this I did not want to change any core or plugin code. The plugin creating the post type was the excellent whistles plugin from Justin Tadlock. This is a plugin that enables you to add snippets of content here and there including adding stuff in accordions and tabs etc.

I wanted to to use the post type as a featured content slider with the Soliloquy slider plugin. However the problem was that the post type did not exist in the drop down to select when creating a new slider. Having looked at the way in which the Whistles plugin registered its post type, it was clear that the reason it wasn’t showing as a post type to choose in the slider was because the post types ‘public’ arg was set to false. Therefore I set about finding a way to change this without chaining the plugin itself.

The first thing I did was to find in the plugin files where the post type was registered, hoping for a hook or filter which I could use in order to change the args when registering the post type. However in inspection it became clear nothing was present. This left me looking in core.

I found the file containing the function register_post_type() and noticed at the bottom of this function is a cal to do action named registered_post_type. Passed to this action is the post type name and the args for registering that post type. This meant that I could use this action in order to change any of the registered post type args.

Below is the code I used in order to change the public arg from false to true.

[wpmark_gist id=”86a965d71a6a7333ddd9″]

You can change any of the args that are registered. A dump of the ‘args’ from that function shows the following:

[wpmark_gist id=”292d91a50c6c9bafa009″]

Therefore any of these can be changed in a similar way.

Talk: From local to staging to live

After starting my speaking career in April at WordCamp Sheffield and doing talks at WordCamp Manchester and WordCamp Bournemouth I was kindly invited to speak at WordPress London by Ngaire Ackerley.

Having only been to London a few times in my entire life it was nice to be invited down and I decided to make it an overnight stay, to ease the journey pain!

The meet up was great with some really good WordPress folks taking part. My slides for my presentation titled Local to Staging to Live – Using Version Control and Deployment Tools are below:

View the slides

The video of the talk, should you wish to watch this is below:

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