Mark Wilkinson WordPress Developer

Hi there I am Mark Wilkinson and this is my bio. You can find me in all sorts of other places on the web including Twitter, Github and LinkedIn to name a few. Read on to find out more about what I do.

My background lies firmly in Education, where I have been a secondary school teacher for 12 years. Initially starting out teaching Geography to students aged between 11 – 16 I quickly developed my ICT skills and moved over to teaching and leading the ICT department.

After 6 years of being a subject leader for ICT, during which time I developed my web development skills working with WordPress, building virtual learning sites for students, I have moved over into Web Development in more full-time role.

Working with WordPress for over 8 years has given me a advanced knowledge of the WordPress content management system, which I have put into practice on a number of projects both within and more recently outside the education background.

As well as teaching I have been a freelance WordPress developer for 6 years, working with other agencies as well as taking on projects solely myself.

My latest role in education has involved me building a number of web apps using WordPress for a variety of different reasons, notably projects included a new Appraisal system for staff, and Staff intranet to share information and resources and a system for logging formal lesson observations of teachers.

I am confident producing bespoke WordPress solutions (plugins and themes) either on my own or working collaboratively with other individuals and agencies.

Image credit: Drew Kirkland –¬†drew-kirkland-photo.co.uk