Speaking at WordCamp Sheffield


Yesterday I was confirmed as a speaker at WordPress Sheffield taking place on the 26th April 2014. My talk is titled A Simpler WordPress Admin for Clients and I will aim to talk through how the admin can be made simpler and more effective to prevent clients becoming confused. This is my first speaking appearance […]

My First WordPress.org Plugin!

Yesterday I decided it was about time that I tried getting one of my plugins on the WordPress.org plugin directory. Having wondered which the best plugin to submit would be, I made a decision and then submitted it. The good news was that it was accepted by the plugin review team and is now live! […]

The Lack of Consistency in WordPress Admin Display Hooks


Recently I have been working extensively on projects that involve working with customising the WordPress admin area to enable a better user experience. Perhaps the most notable example is working on the Edupress project with Rachel McCollin. During the course of working with amending the WordPress admin it has become apparent to me that there […]

Whistles Utilities Plugin


Having starting using the fantastic Whistles plugin from Justin Tadlock over the last few weeks I realised there was one or two things that I would have loved to change, or add to the plugin. Therefore I went about doing this and created Whistles Utilities Plugin. The plugin has two main features which are outlined […]

A New Career Chapter

Today I quit my job working as a Secondary School teacher in a Lancashire high school. The job was well paid, with a good pension and a good salary. I am leaving to work as a freelance WordPress developer and consultant with no guaranteed salary or benefits. Why am I doing this I wondered? I […]

Activate WordPress Plugins on Site Creation Using Multisite

Have you ever ran a WordPress multisite environment where you have users signing up for accounts and creating sites at the same time? Have you ever wanted to have different types of site level such as Bronze, Silver and Gold with different plugins activated for different levels? Recently I had a similar problem on a […]